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Sales Representatives

March 25,2014

We do not know each other. I am 69 years old and have been Vice President of sales for three major corporations. I have seen companies flourish and companies fail. If you are serious about growing your business without the expense of a direct sales force then you need to consider commission sales representatives who only get paid when they sell something.

You have probably heard they don’t work. There are thousands of sales reps who are very productive but hard to find. With our database of over 125,000 reps we built over the last 14 years, we can target and introduce you to the right reps.

I will keep this brief. Sales channels to market are changing rapidly. Let’s work together to grow your business. Email me for a complete package on our service.

H. A. Bunner
Commission Sales Agents LLC
12123 Shelbyville Road, Suite 100-173
Louisville, KY 40243
Phone: 5022448924
Fax: 5022448964

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This weeks wonderful people at Rosie Lee http://rosielees.co.uk/ are joining the #getorganized project. Detail from their workspace in London

Cristiano Gambino

A further view from the office of Rosie Lee in London!

This weeks wonderful people at Rosie Lee http://rosielees.co.uk/ are joining the #getorganized project. Here a first look at their workspaces in London.

"I think we’re gonna need a bigger boat". #getorganized #cleanup #help by suzy_sunshine66 http://bit.ly/ZMBTm6